Tool a quick sprint down to Pin Mill on the River Orwell at lunchtime and took this shot of the Betula. The tide was in, and when the tide is in, there’s actually not much coastline to get at…still a lovely spot.

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All things Orwell…the bad weather certainly didn’t reach Suffolk today!

Popped out for a quick march around part of Alton Water this lunchtime and came across this fallen tree on the edge of the reservoir.

I’ve gone selfy mad – this is the second one in two weeks after having a maximum one per year policy…and often delivering less than that.

Sat on the beach at Lower Holbrook in Suffolk…there was a lot of bird activity and it was just a lucky coincidence that the 5 bird fly past occurred just at the right moment.

This Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus) on Alton Water had just caught his fish supper when he spotted me and headed off in the opposite direction.

Down on the Lower Holbrook coast again in Suffolk, this time at high tide – this little spit comes out and has this great tree at the end of it. The Sandpiper happily sat on the other side of this tree was not happy to see me and left in a flurry of wings and chattering…I did feel rather bad for disturbing him.

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I have absolutely no idea if this pair are “heaving to” I know even less about sailing than I do about birds.

It was another rather dull day on the Suffolk coast so I popped up to Alton Water to see what was going on – there was lots of bird activity and I got some very poor pictures of a pair of lapwings flying past. There was also a large flock of geese that flew over and settled on a nearby field to rest and eat – more of that after the break…oh, and there was an abandoned shoe as well…

You’ll notice I resisted the temptation to drop the video for Sailing by Rod Stewart on here…you can thank me later 😉

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I took another visit down to Flatford…it was wet, very, very wet. There weren’t many walking the vale which was quite pleasant. I took this shot deliberately with a very wide aperture, meaning you get a very narrow depth of field (or area of focus) giving the image a somewhat dreamy feel which I quite like.

I took another stroll down the beach at Lower Holbrook. On my way back to the car I met these two gentlemen heading out for some birding. Unfortunately they had misjudged the tide completely. with the tide being pretty much all the way out. They asked me if I had seen much and I advised that there didn’t seem to be much bird life going on. They continued on their way and I took this shot a few minutes later – I love the fact that one of the gents appears to be having a tantrum about the position of the tide 😉

This lovely piece of driftwood is on the Lower Holbrooke coastline in Suffolk…when I say driftwood I mean…tree that’s fallen into the sea 😉 …You get to see V1 after the break:

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