I took a quick trot down to Lower Holbrook and my stretch of beach this lunchtime armed with my 2 cameras, one digital, one film and my 16 stop ND filter. This shot took 350 seconds to take..just short of 6 minutes. You then have to wait another 6 minutes whilst the camera sorts out all the noise issues this length of exposure takes – so in all the actual physical taking of the photograph took 12 minutes, give or take. I was going to turn this black and white…in fact I did, but didn’t like its look so reverted it to colour.

Whilst I was waiting for the digital camera to do its stuff I finished off my first black and white film with my new, old film camera. Hopefully this will be winging its way to be developed tomorrow, I can then gaze at a bunch of blank pieces of card as I try and work out what went wrong ­čśë

Because things regularly go wrong…I took a second long exposure shot after this one…but forgot to cover up┬áthe eye piece viewfinder ┬ámeaning that light leaked into the camera and ruined the second shot…it was then time to pack up and dash back to work…

Our week of visiting National Trust properties finished with a visit to Anglesey Abbey, our 4th property of the week. We were again impressed by the National Trust marketing and sales machine, very busy despite it being a pretty dull Autumn morning (it brightened up considerably in the afternoon), with very good facilities for the visitor.

I, obviously, had to get the cliche Silver Birch shot you see here. I think every photographer who visits gets this shot. This is actually a vertorama – 3 shots stitched vertically to give better height to the photograph. It was bright so I struggled to get a slow enough shutter speed.

More views of the Silver Birch’s after the break

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We visited Ickworth in Suffolk today. Before visiting the Rotunda we took a stroll around the countryside surrounding the house. Typical rolling hills with some really nice large ponds / small lakes dotted around. The National Trust certainly have their marketing well set up as it was quite busy even on a Thursday in autumn.

We visited Flatford today to find a rather soggy Dedham Vale…so soggy that you couldn’t walk on it without some pretty substantial boots. To compound the issue the National Trust are just in the process of renewing the lock gates just outside the mill…so actually there are no lock gates in place…hence this very active water outside the Mill today.

You see that cloud heading towards me…that dropped about 60 gallons of water on my head…I had no brolly or coat and was 10 minutes from the car…I spent a very uncomfortable afternoon in the office gently dripping at my desk…still, I was happy with the picture, so it’s not all bad ­čśë

I love this part of the Suffolk coast, the coastline has a number of trees growing along it and many are succombing to the advance of the water. I like the fact that this particular fallen tree does look like it is trying to escape its watery grave.

I already had a wet sock from a hole in my shoe that developed about 5 minutes after I’d left the house for work, so scrabbling around on the edge of Alton Water to get this shot didn’t bother me at all.

I still haven’t got the shot I want of this bridge, but I was quite happy with this one. I may need to go and work on the processing a bit more…

Visited another section of Alton Water today and had a pleasant walk around one of the fishing areas which is great because you can get right down to the water’s edge without having to thrash your way through mountains of plant life ­čśë

Was up early this morning so left early hoping the fog would still be around when I got into Suffolk…it was, but not much, so I gave up on that idea and popped down to Flatford and Dedham Vale to take this very Constable like photograph that I then pushed through the new Topaz Impressions to make it even more Constabley ­čśë

I popped back to the scene of a photo I took earlier this week. The tide, which I thought was going out, was a lot higher than last time I was here so I couldn’t get round the fallen tree. I didn’t mind, as this turned out to be just as interesting a picture.

I used my Hitech 10 stop filter, but really enjoyed the blue cast that I got SOCC so kept it, correcting the colour only in the bottom corner for the sand.

After the break, hear how I managed to get cut off by the tide…

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