I’ve heard regular trains rushing past somewhere nearby since I started work here a month or so ago. I had no idea where the rail track was. I took a walk at lunchtime across to a bridge I drive over every morning expecting to find the River Stour…so I was a little surprised to find this in its place.

Popped down to Alton Water this lunchtime and grabbed some shots…got back to a broken computer so this is the only shot I have processed so far.

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Another shot grabbed from a quick run out at lunchtime – I managed to dodge the showers…just about, to grab this view from the top of the hill at Flatford…I’m looking forward to seeing this again in better weather.

After yesterday’s disappointing picture I was a lot happier with todays effort.

I enjoyed the three swans heading in one direction with the four Canada Geese heading in the opposite direction appearing to be the only traffic heading under the bridge…of course, this is the main river channel into Ipswich, so actually there had been a few boats sailing under the bridge while I was there.

Back to work after my short break and I popped across the River Stour to Mistley which is adjacent to Manningtree.

I had no idea there were so many swans here – in this picture you can only see a tiny fraction of the swans that are in the area…literally hundreds

I think I probably now hold the record for the quickest visit to Flatford Mill – a very quick 10 minutes at lunchtime saw me dash in, grab a few shots and dash back out again, much to the bemusement of the lady on the gate.

From my very quick first impressions, it looks a lovely place which I’m looking forward to visiting properly soon.

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Two villages down from the office is the village of Holbrook and The Royal Hospital School. The tower you can see here dominates the skyline for a good distance…what you can’t see here is that this is the centre of the school which radiates left and right for hundreds of yards – a photographer’s nightmare when trying to photograph all the buildings…which I wasn’t trying to do 😉

This was originally called The Harvest, then my wife pointed out that actually, this was what was left after the harvest has taken place…

I’ve been driving past this field looking at these straw bales for a couple of weeks now. Today I was early enough to jump out of the car and photograph them. It’s just outside East Bergholt in Suffolk where John Constable was born, so it’s quite possible that he’d seen something similar, obviously not with the machine made rounds and definitely not with the A12 roaring past just behind him 😉

…at least for a couple of days over the weekend 😉

OK – I know I have done one or two from this field over the last week or two. I like this one because using the 70-200mm (at 200mm) has compressed the background nicely meaning you can see the boats and that lovely church spire on the far bank.

My dashing around Suffolk in my lunch hour continued today as I visited Pin Mill, a very interesting part of the River Orwell between Ipswich and Felixstowe. You’re always told that taking photographs whilst the sun is high overhead is not a good idea…after the last few days I can confirm that I agree 😉 That said, all these places are definitely high on the agenda for Autumn and Winter visits when they’ll be a lot less crowded (Pin Mill was stacked with people enjoying the sun) and the light will be a lot easier to control.

So, according to my Tide Guide App on my phone it was supposed to be High Tide when I arrived here…but someone had clearly pulled the plug!

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