Dashed out at lunchtime to see if I could find a photograph. I drove up to Alton Water, but I refuse to pay £3 for all day parking when I am only going to be there 30 minutes at the most…why no option to pay a pound for an hour? So, I jumped back in the car and headed down the road and eventually reached the end of the Shotley Peninsula which looks like a fascinating place to photograph. Quite run down in parts but bang opposite Harwich in one direction and Felixstowe in the other…there are definitely some interesting pictures to be had.

This shot, as you might have guessed is of the derelict pier. It’s all fenced off so you can’t walk along it – looking at it, I don’t think you’d really want to. Across the water you can see Harwich, directly behind me is the port of Felixstowe.

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I finally found my way down onto the river bank/shoreline of the River Stour in Suffolk today. I had a failed attempt at finding this last week…you’d have thought it would be straight forward really – a big expanse of water…Anyhow, the tide was out and it looked…frankly…awful – this was definitely the best way to photograph it. I’ll look forward to returning here when the tide is in.

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On my way into work this morning I noticed that there had been some pretty substantial rain – very large pools of water across the road. I suspect this had caught out the farmer as he was combining the barley – the combine harvester was here when I arrived at 9 o’clock and hadn’t moved by lunchtime…it was still there when I left at half past five. Fingers crossed it dries out OK for him.

This wasn’t the shot I wanted today – I found a great folly that I photographed, but because of the season (leaves, leaves and more leaves) I couldn’t get the angle to show you it was a folly. Never mind, just up the road was this field with the lonely tree…I went a bit film noir on the processing 😉

Another shot from Brantham, the village I now work from. I carried on down the farmers track towards the River Stour – I was hoping I could get onto the coastline, alas, whilst I could get within about 800yds there was no obvious way through and I needed to head back home. So, on the way back to the car I took this shot of the barley being grown there with Manningtree in the distance.

I started my new job today, which was a bit of a shock to the system after 3 months of “holiday”.

I’ve parked in a lot of company car parks over the years, but I think this one takes the prize for “Best View” so far. Taken on arrival this morning – I was first there – that’s keen for you 😉

This post also appears in more categories than any other post mainly because it shows 2 counties. The picture was taken in Suffolk – and that’s Suffolk all the way up to the River Stour. Across the river is Manningtree in Essex.

So the Tour De France travelled through Essex today, passing through Finchingfield, just a few miles down the road from where we live. I was going to go along with my camera, but saw some of the coverage of the race itself (as it went through Yorkshire) which very clearly passed by in the blink of an eye and decided I really didn’t want to spend a day fighting through crowds of people for just a few seconds of opportunity seeing the actual racers…so we went on our own tour into Suffolk.

We started off in Dunwich Forest, which surprisingly boasts Dartmoor Ponies as one of its residents, along with Red Deer. We didn’t see either, but saw thousands of butterflies and plenty of dragonflies wizzing around. We had fish and chips at Southwold…hence today’s shot of Southwold taken from the pier – a lovely seaside town…but extremely busy.

We finished the day out at Leiston Abbey, a mainly 14c ruined Abbey which we had seen in passing on a number of times but had just driven past – this was a mistake – it really was quite impressive, even though there’s is not that much left – originally it will have been a very impressive building.

Turning on the telly when we got home we saw Finchingfield – Look East were running their reports from there – they had estimated 5,000 had turned up…it was mobbed – getting any sort of view would have meant arriving very early – we preferred our trip to Suffolk.

A second job interview found me mooching around the Suffolk coast again this afternoon. This is a shot taken on the edge of the River Stour in an area called Holbrook Bay. I was hoping to get some long exposure shots…but those clouds weren’t moving…at all!

I had a job interview in Suffolk today so took advantage and drove up the coast to Sizewell to have a look at the Nuclear Power Station there.

I spent a lot of my youth listening to various punk bands rail against nuclear power and, particularly Sizewell B, which was being built in the mid 80’s, so it was very interesting for me to visit, and I’m glad I did. It’s a bit of a photographers dream the area, you have the nuclear power plants (Sizewell A and Sizewell B), you have the sea, you have a couple of, on first glance, oil rigs close in, lots of rare plants and then various fishing boats and winding paraphernalia to photograph.

The weather wasn’t the best today…but that helped – the dark clouds giving a more oppressive feeling to the area…and it only rained  little on me, which is always good.

Todays main picture is a long exposure of these two off-shore platforms looking away from the power station.

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I’ve done a lot of driving today. We headed out to Wingfield near Eye and had a look at the EAF (East Anglian Photographic Federation) Exhibition (including 2 of my pictures). We were surprised to find about 10 other people in attendance which bodes well for the number of people visiting. We then scooted over to Aldeburgh to have fish and chips on the beach, then finally back north to Lowestoft to visit Somerleyton Hall…more pics to follow ;-). We finally got home about 7.00pm having had a very pleasant day out.

I particularly liked this shot (one of a fair number!) of the black headed gull because of the toy town effect on the boats in the background.