A nice, simple shot for today – apple straight from the fruit bowl with a texture applied in photoshop.

Having watched Game of Thrones (Sky +) I suddenly realised it was 11.30pm and no photo completed so I raided debbies knitting pots and got these very nice wooden knitting needles…she’s got quite a collection – perfect for a bit of macro photography.

Computer issues mean a late posting for this shot…I’m not trying to hide it amongst other better pictures , honest 😉

Debbie made this paper (well, tissue)  flower today and it looked pretty good. I thought I’d make a macro shot of it – lit from the right with a desk lamp.

Heading back from camera club I popped into the supermarket to see if they had anything of interest to photograph – these pears were on the reduced section…as a Yorkshireman I felt honor bound to buy them 😉 Damn tasty too!

I love these mars ice creams you get – they taste fantastic. I thought they’d make a great macro subject…

I’ve spent most of this evening in a futile search for both my passport and my birth certificate…both of which have vanished into thin air. The next thing I knew it was after 11 and I still hadn’t even thought of what picture to take for the day. Actually not that unusual…but I really hadn’t given it any thought, My wife came to the rescue by announcing that we had to eat the Papaya that was in the fridge before it went out of date…so here you have the seeds and scrapings from the middle of the papaya…I’d have shot the whole fruit, but I was in the loft rooting through boxes!

Faffing around with the flash again tonight, I got the lighting just right on the pouring tea…now to fix the rest of it 😉

One coin…multiple instances

Rooting around in the cupboards for something to photograph I found some old chillies, some chilli flakes, some cayenne pepper and some piemento. That’s enough to spice up anyones life!