The wife bought a whole pineapple to replace those little pots of pineapples you buy as part of an economy drive which is fine…so long as we eat the damn thing 😉

Needless to say, whilst I tried, this did not go back together perfectly…indeed, I suspect that it won’t ever play again. Good thing it was blank.

I have to make a special effort to get the fish tank (that has never seen fish in it) down from the loft as the wife won’t have it sat around cluttering up the house on the off chance that i’ll get round to taking a shot like this. I always enjoy the process when I do get round to doing it! There’s some more shots after the break.

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One of the big issues people tend to have when doing a 365 project is coming up with new things to photograph. So when one of your favourite photographers comes up with a new web site and starts giving you monthly assignments…all for free…well, you’ve got to take part. So this months assignment from Zach Arias at is “lines”.

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Not all is quite as it seems in this shot of shells found on the beach at Walton on the Naze. The shot was taken in our spare bedroom and lit with a small torch. The shells are genuinely from Walton On The Naze, the pebbles, well actually they came out of a packet 😉

Click below to see the behind the scenes shot of where it was taken!

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Why? I have no idea!

It would be quite useful though – during a power cut you could cook your egg while you light your room…I could be onto something here!

I’m trying all sorts of different shots at the moment…I could really do with getting some light stands and brackets and clamps and modifiers – the spoon here for example, is taped to a box to hold it in place whilst I poured cream onto the cherry whilst clicking away with my other hand. A non-tarnished spoon would probably help as well 😉

Had a good, if late, end to the day today. We had the final round of our Digital Image competition at Stortford Camera Club. I was 4 points behind in joint second at the start of the evening but managed to close the gap and came joint first for the season. It all came down to the last image of the competition so was pretty exciting! So, the evening finished 40 minutes late & I didn’t get home until getting on for 11.15…and still no image taken for the day…so here you have the cherry on the top of the day!

It was my intention to head out to the coast today but the weather was overcast and it was an hour and a half drive, each way…so I decided to stay at home and catch up on some chores.

This is a shot of my Fender Squire Bass guitar composited onto a new background. It’s always amazing to me how different you can make a picture look in photoshop.

The reference to the Barracuda Bass Sound is based on the 12 inch mix of a Stranglers song that featured said bass sound.

Photographically it was not a good day yesterday, all the ideas I had of pictures just didn’t work out for one reason or another. Coupled with that, the almost complete collapse of our broadband, after BT came to fix it…meant getting this image live, let alone taken, was something of a challenge!.

Anyhow…this is a felt purse my wife has made for her craft store…it’s not available for purchase yet, but will be soon!