This has nothing to do with me not even getting 1 Valentines today…sniff 😉

This actually wasn’t the original shot I was going to do…but the shapes just worked.

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I did a triptych of a creme egg being consumed a couple of years ago but was never entirely happy with it. So, I had another go at it…but got a bit carried away…if a triptych is 3 images, what is the name of a shot that has 6 images?

Anyhow, just remember, a creme egg is not just for Easter…according to the supermarkets, any time from Boxing Day is just fine 😉

Stopped off at the supermarket on the way home and picked up some super hot chillies to go with the mild dull ones in the fridge…

My only regret is that I didn’t have a lime!

The continuation of my “Pairs” theme, Debbie tells me this is definitely a pair…I wasn’t so sure, cheese and biscuits I get, cheese and marmite…well…I did eat the cheese smeared with the marmite I’d used in the photo…and it was jolly tasty 😉

Having watched the Super Bowl last night it seemed only right and proper that we should have something of an American theme going today…well, OK, Debbie baked some cookies and suggested photographing them like this 😉

As a follow up to yesterday’s shot, here’s something similar, but just as close to my heart 😉

I was reading my Facebook page and came across a deconstruction picture. These are pretty popular these days – you take a gadget (camera, lens, watch, bicycle…), the more complicated the better, take it apart, lay all the parts out on a white background and photograph it.  Now, I would have no problem taking the thing apart, that’s easy, the trouble is, I would never get the thing back together…and you’re talking pretty expensive items here. So, here is my homage to these very clever people who take these items apart, and put them back together, none the worse for the process 😉

I did complete a follow up picture to this called “Just Added Water”.

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…as to why, at 46, my Mum still gets me a big pack of Smarties for Christmas every year 😉

To be fair to my Mum, the one year she didn’t get me and my brother Smarties for Christmas there was such an outcry from us she has never let us down again…I mean, who doesn’t like Smarties?

Bought for me by my father on my 21st birthday, it needs a little maintenance and a good clean…as do most of my watches…I do seem to be a bit of a graveyard for watches. Yesterday’s watch was shot in normal room light. Tonights shot was lit with a small torch – a technique known as light painting.