It’s been some time since I used one of these, as can be evidenced by the poor state of the potatoes in the background. These were some out of date King Edwards that I found lurking in the back of the cupboard…they were left over from Christmas so were definitely past there best 😉

A straight forward shot today…but still some messing around in photoshop to give that “spotlight” look.

Spent the afternoon at the Cambridge CC Inter-Club Digital Competition where about 30 clubs battled it out with some quite inspirational pictures…we (Bishops Stortford Camera Club)  didn’t do particularly well, but it’s the taking part that counts! What was kind of weird was one of the images was the same as an image I had taken a year or so ago (it wasn’t an original idea when I took it either 😉 ) – it had done pretty well in our end of season exhibition…good thing we hadn’t put that one forward…it got 17/20 as well – equaling our best score from our 5 images!

So I got home with no picture in the bag at all. I did finally empty out my camera bag of all the leaves we had collected a few weeks ago and thought I’d have a go at a still life. To be honest it was a bit rubbish so I took it into photoshop and bullied the hell out of it to come up with this.

I had a great idea for a photograph this evening, but really couldn’t get it to work…I’ll be trying it again but was running out of evening…so out came one of my favourite stand ins – my headphones. These are relatively new and replace an old pair that completely fell apart due to heavy use. You’ll find a shot of my old headphones here. So my new Sennheiser HD215 headphones are shown here, I have no doubt that these will appear again through the year 😉

It wasn’t my intention to have 2 of my wife’s products one after the other on the 365, but when I got home tonight she was very pleased with these new luurve bunnies she has created as a Valentines gift that will be sold on Don’t rush there to pick them up yet – they’re not finished yet…indeed, they are as naked as the day they were born 😉

When you removed your tape from the machine and it looked like this you knew there was trouble in Hitsville. If the cassette hadn’t already failed it was certainly on its way out…and this tends to be the issue with many analogue things that we all reminisce about…forgetting that, actually, they were a bit rubbish compared with what we have now!

The effect, if you are wondering, is cross polarization.

I was considering holding onto these as “emergency” subjects for my forthcoming second 365 project. If I’m honest I knew pretty early on this year that I had made a mistake stopping my daily photography once I had completed my 366 project at the end of last year. To be fair, there have not been that many days when I haven’t used my camera this year, but I have totally got out of the habit of updating my blogs every day (or week as it became this year).

So, these pheasant feathers and shot gun cartridges were going to be used next year, but I really fancied doing a little bit of light painting so, out they came and this is what I got.



344/365 Fruit Salad and Cream

I wasn’t going to publish this as my one a day picture…I had a nice Christmas Tree shot for you, or so I thought. Sadly I had neglected to focus the camera when taking the picture…and got a whole bunch of out of focus (and not in a good way) shots of the tree, so that will have to follow.

I wanted to take this shot, which I have seen done before elsewhere (without the cream) and thought it looked reasonably straight forward…I hadn’t figured on how tricky it was going to be getting a proper shape going…so I didn’t! Anyway, you have (from the bottom) a lime, lemon, orange, apple, lemon & apple layer with a liberal dousing of “cream” (it’s that Elmlea stuff)

Still, I quite like the final picture.

Fruit Salad and Cream


342/366 Sliced Fruit

Now I have finished my exams I should have more free time to concentrate on my photography…of course, I haven’t. So, as usual I’m taking my shot around 11.00pm and, because I really do have to learn how to use photoshop at some point…I’m getting round to publishing the shot at half past midnight!

This was fun, not an original idea, but I’m pleased with the outcome.

Magic Slices


339/366 Limes

This looked so much better on the back of the camera…

I broke the flash out to do this and bounced it off the ceiling and down onto the subject and I had a lamp to the left filling in some light on that side.