331/366 Cat and Mouse…

…you see what I did there ;-)…

Cat and mouse

He’s an old fella and I think his mousing days are long gone!


322/366 Still Life – Red Flower in Vase

I popped into Tesco’s this evening. I had a choice, some unusual fruit or flowers. I’d been instructed flowers by the wife so I brought back a bunch of flowers. I found a white vase that would work well for just 1 flower and proceeded to photograph the life out of it.

My one problem is, I really haven’t figured out how best to shoot items that are as strongly red as this without burning out the colour. In the end I had to fiddle around in Lightroom adjusting the reds to get a reasonable picture.

Still Life - Red Flower in vase


249/366 The victim is taken away…

The poor victim of yesterday’s drive by shooting is removed by stretcher bearers…who have now been eaten 😉

The victim is taken away

I was talking to my wife about what I had for my lunch today – my favourite Marks and Spencer sandwich – the Pastrami on Rye – its lovely, rammed full of salt, but lovely! It reminded me of some pictures I’d taken of a sandwich I built for myself earlier this year:

They were delicious (and yes – I ate them both)!