Continuing my occasional deliberate camera motion series we have this shot of some of trees in Rowney Woods, not a particularly original shot but enjoyable none the less.

I couldn’t decide whether to publish this shot or the following shot as my shot of the day. I deliberately went for the star-burst effect by closing down the aperture on the camera (to f22) and positioning myself so the sun broke through the branches.

Time For A Walk

Looking for perspective shots for my current photography course I looked up during our walk around Rowney Woods and saw what I thought were lots of birds nests in the tree. On closer inspection they were actually dead leaves that had been trapped in twigs that were growing vertically on the side of the trunk.

I toned this black and white image (with a blue colour to the highlights) to emphasis the cold nature of the day.

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I hate this sort of weather and this shot sums it up perfectly.

Another Sunday walk around Rowney Woods and we came across an extensive array of fungus, the fronds on these two and the big lean caught my eye.

Walking through Rowney Wood I noticed this bramble that was being used by a parasite to climb up a nearby tree. I enjoyed the strangulated thorn appearing between the wrapping vines. I thought a rather more cinematic look would work well with the picture.

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I’ve never seen so many pheasants in one field before, good thing hunting season hasn’t started yet!

We were looking around some tree stumps in Rowney Woods for fungi when we came across this Wood Mouse.

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A quick walk around Rowney Woods unusually didn’t deliver many pictures, but this ivy looked pretty as it slowly crawled up this tree trunk.

No idea what sort of flower this is…I assume some sot of daisy…but who knows. Found in Rowney Woods this afternoon.

I’ve not seen many wasps at all this year – this is only the second one I have been conscious of seeing this year.