It’s a sod is Facebook – you’re all ready to add a post to your blog and all hell kicks off…(you get into a long winded conversation about what is right and wrong in journalistic photography…it’s a minefield I tell you!)

Today we have just about the only decent shot I got all day during our walk through Rowney Woods…it was wet, muddy and dull…but still a great place to be (didn’t I say something similar yesterday?)

Spotted this fella in Rowney Woods – dragonflies may be bigger than damselflies, and you would have thought they would be easier to photograph – you have to be lucky to get one resting like this – normally they are permanently in motion patrolling their area, damselflies must get tired – they are always resting, waiting for their photo to be taken 😉 The Southern Hawker is one of the largest dragonflies you’ll find in Britain (fractionally smaller than the Emperor Dragonfly)



A Country Garden Pond

If you walk through Rowney Woods in Essex and you take the right path you will come across this lovely farmhouse with a fabulous pond.

A Country Garden Pond


Two By Two

Heading off into the depths of rowney woods were these two mallards.

Two by Two


Looking a bit yellow…Oil Seed at Rowney Woods

Rowney Woods is currently surrounded by a large amount of oil seed rape (known as canola in the US which seems a much better name for it). This is the field where we saw all the deer last Autumn. There could be a herd in here now and you would have no idea 😉

Oil Seed at Rowney Woods


Look out!

On the edge of Rowney Woods is this structure which, I assume, is for pheasant shooters.

Look out!


Entering Rowney Woods

As you approach the main entrance to Rowney Woods from the Carver Barracks side you pass a number of Nissan Huts. I’ve never really seen a picture there but enjoyed the colours and the cloud of this one.

Entering Rowney Woods




Spring is certainly on its way as these catkins found in Rowney Woods demonstrate.


Snow in Rowney Woods

This shot was from last Saturday in Rowney Woods. Snow was still deep through the open rides of the wood and it was clear that not that many people had been through the woods in the last few days…no doubt, because of the snow.

Rowney Woods in the Snow


Pylons in the snow

We’ve not had any pylons for a while – so here are some from earlier today on the edge of Rowney Woods 😉

Winter Pylons in the snow