At the Countess of Warwick’s Country Show in Little Easton you’ll find a lot of vintage cars on display, including a fair number of Rolls Royce’s. This is because Great Easton has a Rolls Royce dealer – P & A Wood, indeed, they brought the 1918 Le Rhone Rotary engine mentioned in yesterday’s post.

Anyhow, there was a quite fantastic Rolls Royce Silver Ghost from 1912 and here’s the Silver Lady (properly called the┬áThe Spirit of Ecstasy apparently) from it – note the engraving “Charles Sykes Feb 6th 1911” Sykes designed the mascot and all Rolls Royce Silver Ladies were engraved with his name and that date until 1951.

Detail of the Silver Satyre

and finally a view of some of the car itself

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1912