297/366 No Entry

It was pretty foggy last night and I have had a photograph to take in my mind all year in these conditions…this isn’t it 😉 This shot came out much better that the shot I have been thinking about all year, perhaps it was too foggy…still, I can always have another go at it later.

No Entry


291/366 The Cedar at Audley End House

We visited Audley End House, a beautiful mansion house in fabulous grounds, I was particularly taken with this cedar tree, as much because I had never realised these types of trees were cedars. My lack of knowledge of plant life generally is quite staggering 😉

The Cedar at Audley End


290/366 Look Up

We took a walk around Rickling Green today. At the start (and end) of the walk is a small wood that you walk through and I looked up to see this.

Look Up


278/366 Balancing Act

This took ages…

Balancing Act



It’s not been a good day today.

I left for work at 8.30am  only to discover both mine and my wife’s cars, along with 3 or 4 other cars had been painted with white emulsion paint…the sun was out and was drying the paint quickly. Fortunately some neighbours with a pressure washer came to my rescue and we got rid of almost all the paint…it took 2 and a half hours though ;-).

This is a shot of the car taken with my Samsung Galaxy SII…I haven’t used the camera on this for ages…

This was black


270/366 Super Fast Broadband arrives in Dunmow

BT have been on at me to upgrade to their new Affinity broadband package which promises download speeds of up to 80 Mbs and upload speeds of up to 20 Mbs. BT installed it today, and boy, is it fast – I’m currently getting an actual upload speed of 63.52 Mbs (earlier today this was as high as 75 Mbs) and 17.76 Mbs upload. Bearing in mind I used to get around 4 Mbs and 0.5 Mbs respectively you’ll understand why this is such an improvement.

I see and hear plenty of BT bashing but I’ve had ISDN and then Broadband here for the last 12 years and have had a very reliable service…it’s been down, briefly, 5 or 6 times in that time (worst outage was for 3 hours, usually it’s just half an hour here or there) which I consider quite acceptable.

Super Fast Broadband


267/366 That’s Shallot

Debbie’s making us Coq Au Vin for dinner tonight. These are the shallots that she had just fried off. In the background is a very nice bottle of red wine that I was looking forward to polishing off…sadly the whole lot went into the meal!

That's Shallot


265/366 Mr Men Attack

The Mr Men’s new laser beam caused havoc amongst the jelly babies.

Mr Men Attack


264/366 Newcastle Brown – It’s part in my downfall

You really can’t beat a bottle of Newcastle Brown, it’s lovely, but is also definitely to blame for my ever expanding waist line.

Newcastle Brown


260/366 Emergency Car Shot

You know, sometimes, you’re just not going to get the shot. This was my first opportunity to take a photo today, at the recycling section at Tesco’s…you know it’s not going to be up to much now…The model, I hear you ask – well my Audi A1 is always very gracious…

Recycling Audi