257/366 Maybe I misled you…

So, yesterday’s picture. My mate Dave mentioned that it looked like my old 25 year old Walkman looked pristine in yesterday’s photograph. Now, I must admit , I was trying to give it a clean look, but perhaps I went too far 😉 The player does still power up when you press play but after I had photographed it yesterday it basically disintegrated in my hands…not helped by the fact that someone (me) had, at some point in the past, removed pretty much all the screws to ensure complete collapse when opened 😉

Here’s a more representative picture…this may have been grunged up a bit!

Bust Sony Walkman WM-51


256/366 25 Years Old, My First Sony Walkman

This is my Sony Walkman WM-51 that I bought in 1987. I can quite clearly remember buying it in the Electronics section of Lewis’ on the Headrow in Leeds (long gone now). It was the first Sony Walkman I ever owned, I’d had numerous cheap Aiwa and the like lookalikes before but this was the real McCoy. I have a memory of it costing £100 and it was the first thing I ever bought on credit – paying £15 a month for it over 6 months…

It was my pride and joy. It came with built in headphones (as well as an extra headphone socket) the wires of which wound into the body, but most impressive of all, it came with a rechargeable battery so the cost of replacement batteries was immediately removed (it could also be powered by a single HP7 (AA in today’s money) battery if necessary).

Remarkably the motor still runs on it, unfortunately the “rubber” band that makes all the bits and pieces rotate has clearly given up the ghost so it won’t play any more, though I suspect if I got that fixed it would still work well…I certainly used it constantly for at least 10 years before I replaced it with a Sony mini disc (which I still have somewhere).

Sony Walkman WM-51


251/366 Backlit Elijah

You know I’m struggling when I have to fall back on one of our cats…still, this fella had his hair cut this week and this is probably the only angle I could photograph him without revealing his completely bald back. Unfortunately, as he is a thug, he has to have a full anaesthetic before they can trim him…he once badly scratched one of the nurses whilst they tried to trim him and he has this marked on his record at the Vets!

Backlit Elijah


248/366 There’s been a murder…

Jelly Baby shot down in drive by shooting…

I have no idea why this idea came to me on the way home from Camera Club tonight, but I had nothing and this just popped into my head so I had to pop into Tesco’s and pick up some (very expensive) Jelly Babies.

The witnesses have now been eaten…and boy, were they tasty 😉

There's been a murder


245/366 In Tandem

Walking through Rowney Woods today we were passed by these two gentlemen on their tandem bike. They got a fair old shift on as they completed the circuit around Rowney Woods very quickly.

In Tandem


244/366 CDs

Can you ever have too many? Probably not, and whilst I do download plenty of music direct onto my PC I do still buy Cds…I like to have the artwork and lyric sheet, you tend not to get that (sometimes you do, I know) downloading. It took me long enough to ditch vinyl (well, it’s all up in the loft somewhere), I’m still some way off ditching CDs.



239/366 St Margaret’s of Antioch, Margaretting

We took a walk around Ingatestone this afternoon and came across this very old (originally at least) church. Dating back to the 12th century. I can’t tell you a great deal more about it…other than to say, there is definitely a wasp problem here!

St Margaret's of Antioch, Margaretting


238/366 Chickney Church Altar

Around England their are many redundant churches looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust. Near Broxted is St Mary’s in Chickney which is one such church. This is the altar area – if you have such a church near you they are well worth a visit.

Chickney Church Altar


237/366 Egg Bound

This was the wife’s idea…I’m taking no responsibility for this at all 😉

Egg bound


234/366 Sawbridgeworth Bus Stops

Camera Club night which we spent in Sawbridgeworth. Whilst technically not the best this shot captured the night quite nicely and the colours are as we saw on the back of the camera.

We caused complete chaos whilst we were setting up for the long exposure part of the evening – everyone wanted to know if David Beckham was about to show up (he has a house nearby – he didn’t ;-)).

Sawbridgeworth Light Trails