231/366 Saffron Walden Parish Church

Super hot day today had me out and about keeping cool in the air conditioned car πŸ˜‰

I had gone out to get some macros of butterflys and the like but they weren’t out and about in any numbers and I ended up in Saffron Walden.

I’ve lived just 20 minutes drive from this town for the last 12 or so years, I’ve used it’s tip facilities, I’ve driven through it to get to the M11, I’ve even played football at it’s football ground, but I’ve never looked round the town.

The town has been there since the 1100’s and is full of original Tudor buildings in little twisty turny streets…and it has this imposing, large, church on top of a hill:

St Mary's Church Saffron Walden


230/366 Leading the Way

I spent a very pleasant hour this evening sitting by Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow watching the ducks, geese, moorhen and house martins flitting around the pond. I’ve lived here for about 12 years and can’t remeber a time when we have had so many Canadian Geese living around the pond.

I’ve been aware of a mass exodus of geese happening each evening between 7.00 and 7.30 and was interested to see if they all left together or if they left in dribs and drabs. As it turned out they left in 3 groups. They all settle down for a little rest and grass eating for 20 minutes or so. The first group then got up and sauntered up towards the Downs at the top of the hill. After around 5 minutes of milling around this group (about half the geese) took off across and over the pond.

After another 20 minutes the second group got up and sauntered to the top of the hill. Another 5 minutes and they were off in the same way. I thought all had gone so was walking home when the final 8 geese (who must have been hidden over the brow of the hill) left.

Lead the way


223/366 Little Brewers, Great Dunmow

Right across the road from us is this lovely cottage with a fabulous country cottage garden. Sadly, I have not done it justice here, but you get the idea πŸ˜‰

Little Brewers


222/366 Sad JJ

Our oldest cat is starting to look his age – I won’t embarrass him by telling you all πŸ˜‰ However I liked this shot of him because he looked so sad, actually he was quite happy, just hacked off that I was, once again, taking his picture.

Sad JJ


216/366 Paris It Aint!

My brother and I go to the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool pretty much every year. The festival covers mainly punk and ska music and is always great fun.

It’s very easy to be sniffy about Blackpool but it is clear that the town council have been working very hard to improve the sea front with a new sea wall having been installed and the promenade area extended.

Here’s a completely useless fact for you – I used to underwrite the fire insurance for it in a previous life!

Paris it Aint


215/366 Inside The Corn Exchange, Leeds

I was born, brought up and worked in Leeds for the first 29 years of my life before moving South with my job. I don’t get back there enough as I do love the city. The city is full of magnificent Victorian buildings, but for much of my time living here many were badly neglected. This has, to a very large degree changed now and one of the best examples of completely renovated buildings is the Corn Exchange, the inside of which you can see here:

Inside the Corn Exchange Leeds


213/366 Weetwood Hall Hotel

You may have noticed a lack of posts for almost a week. Well, I’ve been away, but I’m back now and will load the photos from the last week over the next few days starting with a shot of the hotel bedroom we stayed in last week.

Unfortunately we had to attend a funeral on Wednesday morning, so straight after work, Tuesday evening, we drove up to Leeds arriving at the Weetwood Hall hotel shortly after 10.00pm. I grabbed this shot while we waited for room service to deliver a couple of excellent pizzas.

Weetwood Hall Bedroom



Benches Galore

It’s a fair old trek up Richmond Hill to the park from Richmond town itself and I am sure there are many who find a need for this vast array of benches when they get up there. You are rewarded with a magnificent view of the River Thames when you get there as well (see yesterday’s post).

Benches Galore


209/366 The Paw of a Lion

…well, he likes to think he’s the king around here…

The Paw of a Lion


206/365 Held together by wires

Tuesday night is Bishop’s Stortford camera club night and tonight the summer programme had a “photowalk” around Stansted. I say “photowalk” because, as soon as I arrived (late…) we all jumped into various vehicles and drove down to Stansted Parish Church. We then drove back to our meeting point to walk, quickly, down to the local windmill for sunset. As always though, we had a great time…

As with many old buildings this windmill is surrounded by modern wires…not only that but the windmill blades are tethered by wire as well…hence all the wire πŸ™‚

From a processing point this was done in Photomatix – I’ve been trialling Nik’s HDR Pro 2, but that produced a lot of halo’s and the like…as it has with a number of other images so, back to Photomatix for this shot.

Held together by wires