204/366 Hogweed

Yesterday’s post is late, or is today’s post early…I forget.

This is Sunday’s post, it’s late being added to the blog because it was really late last night and I couldn’t remeber what the damn plant was called and I needed to get to bed…so there you go 😉

So, here it is hogweed…Well worth waiting for, don’t you think 😉



201/366 Tally Ho!

We visited the Imperial War Museum at Duxford today – well worth a visit if you get the chance and you enjoy aircraft. This is a shot of a MkIIB Hurricane that was recovered from a crash site in Russia. More Hurricanes flew in the Battle of Britain than Spitfires and destroyed more enemy aircraft in 1940 than all other defences combined.

Tally Ho!


192/366 The Dome

Sometimes, it’s just not going to be your day…and today was not my day to get anything sharp. Having had a pleasant enough day weather wise, whilst cooped up in the office, I had great hopes of a pleasant evening wandering the streets of Bishops Stortford taking part in the camera club colour challenge. We met up in the pub as arranged and received our instructions, stepped outside, and the heavens opened. Now I don’t mind a bit of rain, but this was torrential…we retired to the bar 😉

Upon leaving it was now dark and still drizzling, and I had a go at a couple of shots, one of which follows…but don’t be looking for anything sharp today 😉

The Dome


189/366 Wild Wheat

All the yellow rape has long since faded and we are left with the rather dull green crop now. On our walk through Rowney Woods we walked through the crop and noticed some wild wheat growing. I’ve recently got a 14-24 lens which is mega wide and I’m slowly learning how to use it. I wasn’t really expecting to take a picture like this but, at f2.8 the depth of field is amazing really isolating the wheat against that background of rape.

Wild Wheat


187/366 New Shoes…

We had the 2nd meeting of the Dunmow Photography Club this evening. Everyone brought in a few pictures based around the colour red and the rest of the group critiqued them. My new D800 caused plenty of interest. I took a shot of the leader of the group specifically for today’s picture, but missed the focus – I’m used to having 3 focus points on my old and trusty D60. The D800 camera comes with something like 56! Anyhow, I used this ability to focus today’s photograph.

I bought a new pair of Vans trainers the other week, I’m hoping I don’t destroy these as quickly as I did my last pair of Fred Perry shoes 😉 This was shot with the 50mm f1.4 lens which I am just loving 😉

New Shoes


184/366 My Mate Dave

It’s been an exciting day at Seton Towers today with the arrival this morning of my new Nikon D800. I immediately dug out the battery and charger and set it charging so I could use it at lunchtime.

With the battery charged I just needed a subject – drizzle outside and a flat grey sky wasn’t too appealing so the chap who sits next to me at work became the guinea pig. I popped the battery into the camera, attached my 50mm f1.4 and took the shot….hummm, why does it have “demo” showing on the picture…oh bugger, forgot to put the memory card in!

So, this is picture number two taken with the new D800 – I was delighted – I’m not a portrait photographer and I had no idea how to set the camera properly and I still got this shot.

A number of people commented it must be a good camera to get such a shot…. 😉

My Mate Dave


182/366 – Sorry, We’re Closed

I walk past this shop in Dunmow regularly but have never noticed this cool, and obviously fairly old, closed sign.

Sorry, We're Closed


181/366 Harrington

Tonight’s photo seemed to be doomed from the start!

The evening started well with the inaugural meeting of the Dunmow Photography Club at Orange Street Photography. A decent turnout saw a number of Dunmow local photographers meeting for the first time and this promises to be a good resource for the town. The club will meet on the first Thursday of every month at Orange Street Photography – feel free to contact me for more details.

On leaving the club I took a few pictures…but subsequently found I’d fallen into one of my regular traps and shot at -2ev – so everything is a tad dark 😉

Got home had dinner and ended up watching the X-Men until 11.00.

Finally got around to getting my brand new 50mm f1.4 lens out of its wrapping and took a few test shots. The lens is brilliant in low light…a bit too brilliant and I over exposed the first lot of shots. So, finally, and with the 50mm under control we got this shot of the lining of my Harrington jacket. I had one of these as a spotty teenage and I still love them now…




175/366 Lavender

We never planted Lavender in our garden, one year it just appeared and we’ve been enjoying it every year since.



173/366 Mandolin

My brother bought me this for my 21st and I played it sporadically until The Wedding Present released Українські Виступи в Івана Піла aka Ukrainian John Peel Sessions. I really got into all that Ukrainian style music and followed the band The Ukrainians for a while. I played constantly and could bash out any number of Ukrainian style tunes.

Anyhow, I finally got round to restring this after 23 years!! The old strings were completely rusted, although I could still get a tune out of it!! Now, following a good clean and new strings, it sounds better than ever.

Now, where’s that Wedding Present album?