Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club had a day out down to the River Orwell and Pin Mill today and I got some shots of the abandoned boats.

Conditions weren’t ideal as it was blowing a gale and was heavily overcast all day so I decided to to shoot HDR shots all day (which I haven’t done for a while).

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I was wandering up to our local polling station to exercise my constitutional right when I noticed the little playground was empty.

I’ve photographed this playground before – a long time ago, and I was pondering whether I could use this again for a shot when I noticed this abandoned doll. No doubt someone is rather upset this evening…

After I had taken a few shots I popped her on the “fort” where there is at least a little cover so she should be OK if the rains come.

This stream/river used to feed the Tilty Mill which, whilst derelict, can still be found a little way down stream. The water is diverted away from the mill now. Lots more after the break. 

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A quick out-take from an evening visit to Copped Hall near Epping this evening with the Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club.

A somewhat abandoned lean to I saw earlier today.

This week’s jaunt was a quick drive down to Canvey Island, just down the coast from Southend, home of Calor Gas and Dr Feelgood…it’s a pretty industrial place…but quite fascinating.

Infamous for a massive flood on the 31st January 1953 that cost the lives of 58 people (including 3 in the Netherlands) and saw the island evacuated when the old sea wall was washed away following a tidal surge.

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I visited Maldon on Saturday around sunset…a good time of year to visit as all the kiddies fairground and paddling pools are closed down so, whilst there were still plenty of people taking the air, it wasn’t as busy as it gets in the summer months.

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The other side of Constable Country.

This was always going to be my photo of the day…and then I got an email from Topaz announcing their new Impressions plug in…as it had a 30 day free trial, and I do quite enjoy trying to give my photographs a more painterly feel I gave it a go…and quite enjoyed the outcome.

Had a day in London today with Brian from the Bishops Stortford Camera Club. We had got tickets to visit the abandoned tube station at Aldwych, originally called Strand, which has been closed for the last 20 years.

The station is still used for emergency service training and for films and music videos – Firestarter by The Prodigy was filmed down here.

So, here’s the entrance – we gained entry via the left hand fire exit door.