All Saints

I visited this very pretty timber church in Suffolk to photograph the outside of the building, however, the sun was directly above and in line with the church making it impossible to shoot. Fortunately the inside of the church was really quite lovely!

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Ordinarily I’d start a series of photographs of a church with a picture from the outside, but I couldn’t get the images I had to look as I wanted to yesterday. The main problem was the dreary sky – it was very grey! After some work today I think this is as good as I’ll get.

I don’t do many black and white conversions of my pictures but I am quite pleased with how this came out.

At the weekend I traveled to the southernmost  point in the Dunmow Hundred (a hundred was a subdivision of a county or shire listed in the Doomsday Book details of the Dunmow Hundred can be found here). Willingale has the unusual distinction of having two churches built next door to each other. This is a view of the inside of St Andrew’s, looking down the aisle.

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