We had to pop into Chelmsford this afternoon so I popped into the Cathedral to grab today’s shot, it was a real grab and run job…but it came out OK…

I popped into Chelmsford this morning and had a look around the Cathedral. It’s a very modern design inside and very pleasant…I tried a few new things whilst there…not sure yet if they worked…time will tell 😉

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Chalkney Church

This was one of my first attempts to shoot with my ultra wide angle lens. I found it very difficult to use to start with, but I’m getting the hang of it now!.

This is a shot taken inside Chalkney Church, now disused but maintained by the Churches Con­ser­va­tion Trust.

Chalkney Church Altar


238/366 Chickney Church Altar

Around England their are many redundant churches looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust. Near Broxted is St Mary’s in Chickney which is one such church. This is the altar area – if you have such a church near you they are well worth a visit.

Chickney Church Altar


Looking down the nave at Ely Cathedral

Continuing our look back at Ely Cathedral, here we look down the nave towards the altar (and the Octagon Tower).

Looking down the nave at Ely Cathedral

Looking from the east end of the Cathedral, effectively at the rear of the altar you can see right down the Cathedral to the West Tower and main entrance. A quite magnificent view, but the word “opulent” sticks in my mind – can that be right?

I visited Peterborough Cathedral the same day as Ely Cathedral and was equally impressed by this building which is massive and super gothic.

Here’s a shot of the North Altar.

If you’ve been following this blog you will now know that I enjoy photographing Churches and derelict buildings…so what could be better than to find a derelict Church!

Berners Roding Church is certainly in a poor state. Rumour has it that it may be sold for residential use, though the graveyard has certainly been used relatively recently and some of the graves do appear to be tended. Inside you can see sunlight streaming in through the large cracks down the walls, the floor is exposed to the boards which are badly damaged. All that said, it does seem to be remarkably watertight!

So, a brief series of pictures from Berners Roding commences with a view through a broken window into the church:

And here we have a view of the chancel and Altar looking down the Church, the damage to the floor very clearly shown.

Berners Roding Church Chancel

More tomorrow…

Inside the church you can see that some work is needed to bring the Church into pristine condition, but the church boasts a nice collection of stained glass and an attractive altar. Here’s a picture of the chancel including the altar:

Looking around I came across the following wooden box that contained a collection of cards with numbers on it used to display the hymns to be sung in the services.

The Numbers Game

Serving a farming village with a population of only around 180 it is, perhaps, of little surprise that repair work falls behind which is a real shame – it would be a pity to lose this church to dereliction as the church at Berners Roding has done (and more on that soon) – so if you are passing pop in, have a look round, and maybe donate something to its upkeep.

Continuing the short series of Chelmsford Cathedral shots here’s a picture of the Altar and main stained glass window.