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070/366 Recreating album artwork – The Angelic Upstarts – Teenage Warning

I’ve had this idea in my head for some time, and I know it may well have been done before, although I haven’t seen it. There’s been a bit of a fad on Google+ to recreate people’s self portraits and personal icons. I thought it might be fun to recreate album artwork…and here’s my first attempt.

This is a copy of the artwork from The Angelic Upstarts, Teenage Warning album and the lead single off that album – Clockwork Orange. The single got to the dizzy heights of number 29 in the UK charts on 18/08/79 and again on the 01/09/79 – they performed the single on Top of the Pops & it was produced by Jimmy Pursey from Sham 69.

Look as I might, I can’t find my copy of the album – I suspect its with the rest of my old vinyl in the loft, so I can’t tell you who designed this. I’ll update the post when I find out.

In the meantime…here’s my recreation:

Recreated Artwork - The Angelic Upstarts - Teenage Warning

You’ll notice I had all sorts of problems getting my felt tip to draw on the orange! Then, when I inserted the key, orange juice squirted out and made the teeth run;-) ! Here’s the original drawing, which I suspect was easier to produce 😉 :

Angelic UpstartsTeenage Warning - original artwork

“You wind me up like a clockwork orange
Then you hide the key to my destination”

Look out for my next attempt…coming soon 😉