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It was something of a surprise to find a broken egg shell on our walk today. I think the picture came out better than I expected – I hadn’t noticed the small red berry – and says so much about life and nature at the end of autumn.

We first visited Rickling Green in the summer – cricket was being played on the green and the weather was beautiful.

Step a few months ahead and we are well into Autumn, a mild and dry autumn admittedly, but Autumn none the less. So it was interesting to take the same walk we took previously to see how things had changed, and you can (kind of) judge for yourself by comparing Buy 1000 Valium Online Uk here to today’s picture. You could certainly tell there had been a marked drop in temperatures today and the wind had quite a chill.

Back to Rowney Woods this morning where we saw a whole mass of fallow deer. we started by seeing a loan stag patroling the edge of the woods on his own, he looked quite young.

Online Valium Review

On the same walk as yesterday’s blog subject was this covered path with green leaves above and dead, red/brown below. This was the first photograph of the walk mentioned in Buy Msj Diazepam Ukand was taken in Brookes Nature Reserve near Stisted, which was where we discovered the inadequacies of the map we had.

Walking in Rowney Woods at the moment you can’t help but notice the large number of acorns under foot, along with the busy scampering of the grey squirrels collecting them for future use. Some acorns cling to their oak tree taking on a very brown appearance as seen here.

As is rapidly becoming our custom we visited Rowney Woods again today. We are now expanding our walks to include the countryside around the woods and continued out to the Debden Green area. The weather has been odd this year with summer starting early, pausing and then restarting a couple of weeks ago. Not surprisingly autumn has been delayed! It is, however, certainly on its way leaves are coming down, the horse chestnut have pretty much completely shead its leaves and the oaks are following suit. So it was no surprise when we came across numerous apple falls.

It’s here, after our Indian Summer the other week the temperatures have dropped and, as I sit here typing, there is a strong wind blowing outside rustling the dying leaves so it seems appropriate to post the following image taken today.

I’d like to say how I was down by the river and saw this leaf floating over pebbles, sadly I found it in the dustbin at the bottom of our garden in Dunmow which had water in it from the weekend’s showers. I took it out and put it down on the pebbles we have in our back garden – easier maintenance than grass 😉

So, the secrets out!