Another exhausting day over with…just time for a snooze…

Badger really did not want to engage with the photographer today!

Here’s Badger in front of a canvas of Badger I got Debbie for her birthday. He’s delighted to be subjected to more photography…

He doesn’t often allow me to take his picture, especially not close up, so I was very honoured that he sat still and let me get in his face!

Today’s been the first day for a while that I haven’t had a picture by dinner time. So Badger, ensconced on his new favourite place got the full treatment…sadly the radiator behind him rather spoilt the picture…but we sorted it out eventually.

…yes, his other leg is dangling just the same on the other side…it can’t be comfy 😉

One twelve of the way through this years 365 and it’s been a struggle…things can only improve.

Today’s shot is fairly typical of the month, a bit of a safe grab shot of one of our cats Badger, who hates having his photo taken – he was straight under the bed moments later! 

Nearly forgot to publish the last in the 52 week series?

It’s been an odd week photographically as I really haven’t wanted to photograph anything in case it removes subjects from the forthcoming 365 project I’m starting on New Years Day so I haven’t taken the volume of photographs I would normally take over Christmas.

This shot of one of our cats, Badger, came out quite nicely and will probably make an appearance on the Christmas Cards next year!


277/366 Badger…and the 70-200 Sigma Lens

So, i have a new lens to play with…Brian’s 70-200mm 2.8 Sigma lens. I’ve not really had chance to play with this much yet…but it has allowed me to photograph the elusive Badger. Badger, one of our 3 cats, does not like me, nor does he much care to be photographed so this lens provided me with a great opportunity to grab some shots of him without him feeling too threatened and legging it…of course he’s my wife’s favourite so any shots I get of him always go down well 😉