Another glorious day meant it was way to hot to venture out until 8.00pm in the evening. With sunset not until 9.20pm that’s not such a problem, the woods were still really dark with the heavy summer canopy blocking out much of the sunlight…so, this is a public footpath we (still) haven’t followed across the field of barley. I haven’t done any HDR for a while – so it was nice to run this shot through Photomatix to create this shot.

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Another visit to Garnetts Wood in Barnston where the bluebells are still doing pretty well. I like how the depth of field gives the illusion that the bluebells are swirling around the bottom of the image. 

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We had a walk around Garnetts Wood this afternoon…this shot was taken just before the heavens opened and we got soaked. On returning home (about 3 miles away) we found there had been no rain at all there!

Got out for a walk this afternoon, we were a bit late setting off and the sun was just setting as we walked round Garnetts Wood in Barnston. As usual we passed the wooden statue of Geffrey Garnet, a knight,  who was given the woods by the King in the 12th century.

We took our Sunday afternoon walk in Garnetts Wood today, I very mild overcast autumn day – perfect for a pleasant walk. I got a view shots and include them here for your enjoyment.

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We took a walk around Garnetts Wood in Barnston this morning. We’d been looking out for fungi but had seen very little until, near the end of the walk we came across this mushroom city…there were an awful lot of mushrooms growing from a recently fallen tree.

You’re always told, in the books and on web sites, to always look behind you as a photographer – I’ve often found some really nice pictures by doing this. Recently I’ve been looking up a lot more as well and have had similar success.

We visited a new (to us…it was mentioned in the Doomsday Book apparently) wood today – Garnetts Wood between Barnston and High Easter in Essex. This is a very traditional English wood filled with Lime, Hornbeam and Birch trees, many of which have been expertly coppiced. Needless to say, it was extremely muddy but I pleasant walk nonetheless.

Looking up into this Hornbeam tree we were taken with the beautiful patterns created by the bark and the great canopy. I made an HDR shot because it was really quite dark in the wood itself  but obviously much brighter in the sky and I’m very pleased with the result. 

Hope you like this as well.