We’re heading into the time of year when it is difficult to get out when it’s light…although I was out at sunrise this morning…but it was flat grey so nothing worth shooting, except a very nice large Grey Stork…but I had the wrong lens on my camera (a very common complaint!). So you get a shot of part of the headstock of my bass guitar, which I liked becasue it reminded me of the lines and curves theme I had a few weeks ago…and these lines and curves were sat about 6 feet behind me all the time!

I seem to spend a lot more time photographing my guitars than playing them. I also seem to spend a lot of time fighting with flashes to try and get the light I want. This is heading in the right direction…but still some way to go!

It was my intention to head out to the coast today but the weather was overcast and it was an hour and a half drive, each way…so I decided to stay at home and catch up on some chores.

This is a shot of my Fender Squire Bass guitar composited onto a new background. It’s always amazing to me how different you can make a picture look in photoshop.

The reference to the Barracuda Bass Sound is based on the 12 inch mix of a Stranglers song that featured said bass sound.


073/366 – E

This is the E string and nut on my Fender Bass. The only guitar of mine I have left to photograph is my Mandolin – I nearly did it yesterday, but it needs a good clean and completely re-stringing which will take a while. Fortunately, none of my other guitars have been included in my 366 project – they make a good emergency fall back 😉

The E string on my Fender bass


047/366 Pump Up The Volume

This is my bass amp – a 15w Fender Rumble – the times of needing a 100w monster are, sadly, long gone – but this does me nicely for keeping my eye in.

Pump Up The Volume - my bass amp