I take part in an occasional competition on Flickr called F64 Challenge, in this months competition I am currently 4th after two rounds. This rounds challenge is “Morning Light”. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve basically had pretty flat grey morning light outside, and besides…I’m not getting up at 5 in the morning on the off chance 😉 So, here is my interpretation of the challenge…let’s see how we do 😉

We took a walk around Widdington near Saffron Walden today and came across this dried river bed. We have been here before and there is usually water flowing through here so it was nice to be able to step down into the river bed and take this picture.

When I was looking at this with a mind to publishing it I went off to Google to find the name of the river. It turns out that, accordingly to Google Maps at least, this is the River Cam…the same River Cam that all the students in Cambridge love to punt up and down ferrying tourists past the colleges. I was quite surprised.

On further investigation whilst Google are technically correct in their naming, locally this part of the river is known as the River Granta and is actually one of four tributaries of the River Cam.