I’ve gone selfy mad – this is the second one in two weeks after having a maximum one per year policy…and often delivering less than that.

Sat on the beach at Lower Holbrook in Suffolk…there was a lot of bird activity and it was just a lucky coincidence that the 5 bird fly past occurred just at the right moment.

I have absolutely no idea if this pair are “heaving to” I know even less about sailing than I do about birds.

It was another rather dull day on the Suffolk coast so I popped up to Alton Water to see what was going on – there was lots of bird activity and I got some very poor pictures of a pair of lapwings flying past. There was also a large flock of geese that flew over and settled on a nearby field to rest and eat – more of that after the break…oh, and there was an abandoned shoe as well…

You’ll notice I resisted the temptation to drop the video for Sailing by Rod Stewart on here…you can thank me later 😉

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We visited Southwold a few weeks ago – you can see those posts by selecting “Suffolk” in the category drop down – top right.

The view of the town is dominated by the lighthouse, typically, it was shut when we visited because it was being refurbished to take on the duties of the decommissioned lighthouse at Orford Ness.

This, perhaps, isn’t your typical view of the lighthouse, being as it’s taken from behind the tower rather than from the coast side. The birds suddenly started swirling around the lamp area which really caught my eye.

So, after a few posts we’ve made it to the actual sunset shot. It really was a beautiful evening, I had half expected the lake to be full of fishermen but it was deserted, except for me, loads of birds and the occasional fish who broke water periodically.

Whilst sitting taking pictures of the sunset I watched to large, but very graceful herons fly overhead – I had completely the wrong lens on to photograph them and willed them to come down and join me on the lake…alas they flew by.

As the sun settled below the horizon a flock of (I guess) starlings gave an aerial display of coordinated flying before settling into the reed beds at the far end of the lake. Finally, both ducks and geese passed overhead, again strangely not coming down to the lake but flying strongly past to other destinations.