Bishops Stortford Camera Club

Tonight’s Camera Club trip was to go and stake out a couple of badger sets out in the Essex countryside. We split into two groups and made our way to our allocated sets. We saw nothing…except our each other for the couple of hours we staked out the area. The other group had a little more success with a few seeing the badgers and one actually capturing a couple of photographs of the elusive beasts.

This evening we spent a pleasant couple of hours in one of Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club’s members gardens being shown how she creates some amazing shots that have wowed everyone over the last few years.

I enjoyed this flower, I have no idea what it is called but only one had bloomed so far the rest were in varying stages of development which I thought created a nice tryptich.

Every year we have an evening of burning wire wool and creating spark pictures with the Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club. I saw this treatment pretty quickly because it reminded me of The Specials AKA 7″ cover for their single The Boiler…

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That’s it, I’ve had enough…I’ve seen more bluebells this year than I have in the rest of my life put together and I’m officially bored of them now…for at least the next 11 months anyway!

I am not a portrait photographer!

I don’t know why portraits cause me such issues, stick me in front of a landscape and all is fine, put a human in front of me and I can barely operate the camera…it’s very odd because I don’t have problems talking to people (well, apart from boring them to death if the subject moves onto music)…

Anyhow, Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club had a workshop night with two separate portrait set-ups, one high key and the other low key – here’s one of each…by the way, the title certainly does not reflect on the models who put up with my blundering quite patiently.

We had a talk on flash on a budget at the Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club this week and we met Doris, the never complaining model.

Can you see the tenuous link to yesterday’s photo? I know it’s neither a window or a reflection, but you just can’t beat firing air gun pellets at water filled balloons and photographing the resultant explosion!

This was done using a trigger trap and 2 flash guns at Bishops Stortford Camera Club this evening – very straight forward but great fun.

We had a photowalk around London today with Bishop’s Stortford Camera club…it’s 23.56hrs and I need to publish 1 of 300 odd images…I haven’t looked at them all yet…so you’re getting this one!

It’s a Green Parakeet in Hyde Park, London, if you are wondering – expect to be seeing many more of these around the country soon!

The Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club had a triggertrap evening using them to take some high speed photography of bulbs breaking and water filled balloons bursting – it was great fun! More shots follow:

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A couple of weeks ago a friend from the Bishops Stortford Camera Club gave me this Praktica LB camera and a couple of lenses as I was keen to give film photography a go. Film (black and white) was purchased along with a 28mm f2.8 lens to go along with the 50mm and 80-200mm f4.5-5.6 that came with the camera.

I’m half way through the first 36 exposure film and am really enjoying the whole process of slowing down and working out the correct exposure and (hopefully) getting the composition and exposure right in camera…only time will tell how successful I have been.