Bishops Stortford

Demoliting the council offices in Bishop’s Stortford the machines take a pause.

That’s it, I’ve had enough…I’ve seen more bluebells this year than I have in the rest of my life put together and I’m officially bored of them now…for at least the next 11 months anyway!

We had a talk on flash on a budget at the Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club this week and we met Doris, the never complaining model.

Something a bit different from me tonight. We were due to have a photowalk around Bishops Stortford with the camera club this evening. For the 3rd year on the trot we were met with torrential rain…so we sat in the pub 😉

The rain started to relent about 9.00pm and a few of us dashed out to see what we could find. We took a walk down to the River Stort and on the way I noticed these old fashioned telephone kiosks/boxes next to the rather more modern cash point. I quite liked the juxtaposition so captured one shot for the general background and one for the bright cash point and merged them together.

Another evening spent playing with wire wool and sparks with the Bishops Stortford Camera Club. It causes great consternation to the local dog walkers and horse riders who come across a large group of people with cameras on tripods apparently trying to set fire to a bridge 😉

I had to pop into Bishop’s Stortford this afternoon and had half an hour to kill so trotted around the park. I had no idea that there was a motte and bailey castle there…but there is, or at least the remains. Sadly the view of Bishop’s Stortford from the top was pretty uninspiring, as was the weather 😉

Here are a few more shots from my brief wander:

Up the Motte and Bailey


The grass banks had an assortment of flowers, including many Tulips

A Tulip On the Motte and Bailey

Away from the castle I had a walk around the war memorial

War Memorial and Poppies

and wandered through this delightful tunnel!

Missing the Train


At Camera Club tonight it was the Chairman’s evening and Emma had invited a chap who takes part in historical reenactment events, specifically the middle ages…and he arrived with full suits of armour, swords, axes and all sorts of other wonderful bits and pieces.

The club strobe lights were out and there was lots to photograph…so I spent the evening chatting with other members…and suddenly realised I hadn’t got any shots!

I dashed around and grabbed a few shots of armour. When I got home I wasn’t hugely impressed with what I had so decided to spend some time in photoshop to see what I could come up with…and here we have it!

This is a composite made up of around 7 different shots – the helmet and chain armour were from this evening, all the other images are mine from previous shoots.

The overriding message I took home from the evening is – it’s damn hot work wearing suits of armour!

We had the unveiling of the Bishops Stortford Camera Club exhibition in the Jackson Square Shopping Centre in Bishops Stortford – it’s a great display and includes three of my pictures.

Walking back to the car I thought I’d see if there were any photographic opportunities with this building, which has won a number of design awards apparently.

Those who were in Bishops Stortford today will wonder about the sky – yes, it was unremittingly grey, so I added a sky shot I took a couple of days ago here in Dunmow which completed the picture quite well.

Despite living in the middle of Essex it is quite surprising just how much of the sky and the stars you can actually photograph. This shot was taken during the Bishops Stortford Camera Clubs studio evening. It was really busy inside so a few of us braved the cold and gathered on the edge of the cricket pitch to do a bit of light painting, light trails and sky shots. Bear in mind this is on the Herts Essex border and the planes fly past to land at Stansted Airport just a few miles down the road – dark skies they are not 😉

It was so nice to get out of the house, if only for a couple of hours this afternoon for the sole purpose of photography. I drove across to the far side of Bishops Stortford, towards Little Hadham and took a gentle stroll around a bridleway through Cradle End picking up a few pictures here and there. I drive past here on my way to work and there seems to be a maze of bridleways and footpaths so I think I’ll be returning at some point.