If you like your music live…and punk…then you could do a lot worse than getting down to Blackpool, August 3rd, for a long weekend of live punk, ska and lots of other musical stuff. My brother and I go every year and have done (with the odd year off here and there) since it was held in Morecambe and was called “Holidays In The Sun” This is it’s 21st year!

Beards are definitely popular again. To be fair, the guys in Jaya The Cat have always had beards (certainly for the last 4 or 5 years I’ve been following them) and they wear them well 😉

When I took this picture on the Saturday of the Rebellion Festival I was literally dripping wet…having left the hotel some time earlier I was regretting my choice of shorts and a tee shirt after the torrential downpour those clouds had just unleashed on me…it was mild and blowing a gale so I soon dried out.

With regards to the pipes, I really have no idea what, or why they are there…I’ll go do some research later 😉

The Friday morning of the Rebellion festival in Blackpool found me down on the front looking for pictures for my 365…this has become something of a tradition when I go to this festival – up for breakfast at 9.00am and then a wander around Blackpool before returning to the Winter Gardens for more entertainment.

Today the weather was against me…absolutely flat grey…I had to work pretty hard to get the sky looking something like on this shot…

The weather forecast had been promising some lively weather over the weekend with the remains of a hurricane heading towards England…somewhere…there was no sign of it here.

I’ve been away for a few days at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool with my brother. We go most years and see a large number of bands over 4 days and drink far too much lager…it’s great!

We arrived Thursday evening and one of the highlights was a performance by the Street Dogs, this is Johnny Rioux, bass player, backing vocals and harmonica.

Continuing on my Blackpool odessy we have another shot, this time showing the full North Pier at Blackpool along with the Blackpool Tower. This started off as a wide panorama…but It was a bit dull so I changed it into a Little Planet as you see here, which I like much more.

I made my annual pilgrimage to the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool with my brother and, as usual, I had a walk around Blackpool after breakfast before the Festival opened at midday. Blackpool has certainly suffered over the last few years with the economy collapsing and it was disappointing to hear that, despite us having such a great summer weather wise, bookings had been pretty poor at the hotels.

Needless to say the weather was typical mid-summer mediocrity when we were here. I walked down the North Pier to have a look at the fair…this shot kind of sums up Blacpool at the moment.


218/366 North Pier, Blackpool

Built in the 1860’s, North Pier is Blackpool’s oldest pier.

North Pier, Blackpool


217/366 The Central Pier, Blackpool

This is a shot of the Central Pier at Blackpool showing the Big Wheel there. I think you can tell the type of weather we enjoyed – very much sunshine and showers!

Blackpool Central Pier