I spent an incredibly blowy afternoon walking amongst the boats at Thorpe Bay this afternoon. I had hoped to be able to get some nice long exposures with great reflections in the water, but that wasn’t to be with the gale blowing in from the sea.

Still, I was able to get a few decent shots, and still have a few others that I can work on later.

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I visited the Boat Show at Excel today with work…there’s some money sloshing around that exhibition!

I popped out to catch sunset down the Thames towards Canary Wharf in a 5 image panorama.

Tuesday found me mooching around Woolverstone Marina…there’s some money here, let me tell you! A wide range of boats from modest yachts all the way up to very impressive cruisers that must have cost a fair penny. I was kind of surprised (but grateful) that I could just wander down onto the Marina and photograph as I pleased.

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…do you see what I did there 😉

I nipped out to the post office just before sunset and grabbed this shot of some teezles overlooking the River Stour esturay at Manningtree.

After a few days of flat grey skies we had a really nice day today and I visited Flatford…home of Constable’s Hay Wain. I set off towards Dedham down the River Stour, there were plenty of people rowing up and down, The young couple on the right had got themselves into a little trouble grounding themselves into the bank, it took them a good five minutes to dislodge themselves and get going again.

Weird light at lunchtime today as I dashed down to Lower Holbrook and took a quick march around the bay. I liked how (almost) all the boats were apparently itching to set sale into the River at any moment.


199/366 Sunset over Hatfield Forest Lake

Having spent the day in Rye on the East Sussex coast, I have a huge mountain of photographs to process, but Tuesday’s are camera club day and so it was we found ourselves at the lake in the middle of Hatfield Forest with this sunset.

Sunset on Hatfield Forest Lake


Lock and moored long boats on the River Stort at Roydon

Continuing my walk down the River Stort at Roydon I came across this lock with a number of long boats lined up.

  Lock and long boats on the River Stort

Tied to the little dock I was taking photographs from was this far from impressive boat. Once upon a time I’m sure this will have been zipping around the lake, but now it is slowly sinking into it.