303/366 Bruno Banani

My Dad always gets me some aftershave for Christmas and the latest batch was this Bruno Bonani which I photographed and then took into photoshop to mess around with. I had an idea that I wanted some subtle textures and a light black to grey transition in the background…so how I ended up with this is anyone’s guess…though it could have a lot to do with me being a bit rubbish in photoshop 😉

Bruno banani


264/366 Newcastle Brown – It’s part in my downfall

You really can’t beat a bottle of Newcastle Brown, it’s lovely, but is also definitely to blame for my ever expanding waist line.

Newcastle Brown


110/366 Belazu

Short on time and short on ideas tonight.

The shopping arrived and this bottle of balsamic vinegar caught my eye (highly recommended, by the way). Not a great shot, but I learnt something and that is one of the reasons I set off on this 366 project.