It’s turning into a bit of an experimental period. Today I dug out my old lens baby and had another go at getting something of interest out of this peculiar lens. I’ve definitely not mastered it!

It started raining while we were out and about last night, and with the odd half hour here and there it pretty much hasn’t stopped since. Not a bad thing as we have been short of rain for the last month or two, but irritating when you need to take a picture for a competition when the subject is “Bone Dry”

Rowney Woods was looking really nice today in its late autumn, early winter colours. I really couldn’t pick which image to choose for today’s picture so you get four…The main shot is of an area the Forestry Commission usually cut back once the bracken is past its best, I’m glad they haven’t this tear as the colour of the bracken really sets off nicely against the green of the moss.

This is the same area as the main image. The central main tree is the tree you see the trunk of in the main image.

Reflecting on Autumn

I’m a sucker for the silver birch shots, especially looking straight up from below…

Autumnal Silver Birch

…and when the sunlight catches them like this

Lighting up the Silver Birch

We took a quick stroll around Rowney Woods this afternoon. The bracken is sprouting up very nicely and the sunshine really lit it up.

It’s been a miserable day here with rain all day. It eventually stopped at about 8.30pm and I dashed out to catch the very last of the fading light. It was blowing a bit so getting anything sharp proved to be a bit problematic, however, I liked this shot of some fresh bracken that is growing in front of a red brick wall…it looks rather Christmassy don’t ya think – well, there are only 230 days till Christmas 😉


301/366 Bracken in Rowney Woods

We’ve not visited Rowney Woods for weeks so, with the forecast set for sunshine, popped over there this morning…it poured down! The camera stayed in its bag most of the time, then the sun popped out for five minutes, I grabbed this shot…and then it hurled down again.

Bracken in Rowney Woods