So, it’s the middle of November and this garden in Brantham, Suffolk, still had roses blooming…well, ok, I might be overstating the “blooming” bit…after the break, have a bit of Elvis Costello, because, well, why not?

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Sometimes all you need is the sky.

I’ve heard regular trains rushing past somewhere nearby since I started work here a month or so ago. I had no idea where the rail track was. I took a walk at lunchtime across to a bridge I drive over every morning expecting to find the River Stour…so I was a little surprised to find this in its place.

…at least for a couple of days over the weekend 😉

OK – I know I have done one or two from this field over the last week or two. I like this one because using the 70-200mm (at 200mm) has compressed the background nicely meaning you can see the boats and that lovely church spire on the far bank.

I finally found my way down onto the river bank/shoreline of the River Stour in Suffolk today. I had a failed attempt at finding this last week…you’d have thought it would be straight forward really – a big expanse of water…Anyhow, the tide was out and it looked…frankly…awful – this was definitely the best way to photograph it. I’ll look forward to returning here when the tide is in.

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Another shot from Brantham, the village I now work from. I carried on down the farmers track towards the River Stour – I was hoping I could get onto the coastline, alas, whilst I could get within about 800yds there was no obvious way through and I needed to head back home. So, on the way back to the car I took this shot of the barley being grown there with Manningtree in the distance.