Spring keeps pushing on and a quick turn around the garden with the macro lens brought together a number of good images. This one got the Debbie vote for today’s photo of the day – leaves sprouting from a bud.

As a special bonus, here are a couple of other shots from the same shoot:

New shoots 2 New Shoots 3

You can see v1 on my 365 project page. This is an ex bud on my wifes Moth Orchid that has dried out and turned all papery. I love the stem that looks just like a dried up umbilical cord to me…or is that just weird 😉

The image itself is made up of 5 shots all stacked on top of each other to get more of the bud in focus. It was taken with my Nikon 105mm macro lens and was lit by our standard hanging ceiling light.


069/366 Failed Orchid

I took some shots of a Moth Orchid we have. I noticed this bud that didn’t look like the other 2 buds coming out of the flower, sure enough, it is a papery husk. Strangely more interesting than the living, healthy buds.

Failed Orchid