camera club

Tuesday night is Camera Club night and we found ourselves at Hopleys garden centre in Much Hadham. It was a lovely evening, although I do accept you wouldn’t necessarily know that from this shot…still πŸ˜‰

At Camera Club tonight it was the Chairman’s evening and Emma had invited a chap who takes part in historical reenactment events, specifically the middle ages…and he arrived with full suits of armour, swords, axes and all sorts of other wonderful bits and pieces.

The club strobe lights were out and there was lots to photograph…so I spent the evening chatting with other members…and suddenly realised I hadn’t got any shots!

I dashed around and grabbed a few shots of armour. When I got home I wasn’t hugely impressed with what I had so decided to spend some time in photoshop to see what I could come up with…and here we have it!

This is a composite made up of around 7 different shots – the helmet and chain armour were from this evening, all the other images are mine from previous shoots.

The overriding message I took home from the evening is – it’s damn hot work wearing suits of armour!

We had the unveiling of the Bishops Stortford Camera Club exhibition in the Jackson Square Shopping Centre in Bishops Stortford – it’s a great display and includes three of my pictures.

Walking back to the car I thought I’d see if there were any photographic opportunities with this building, which has won a number of design awards apparently.

Those who were in Bishops Stortford today will wonder about the sky – yes, it was unremittingly grey, so I added a sky shot I took a couple of days ago here in Dunmow which completed the picture quite well.

Heading back from camera club I popped into the supermarket to see if they had anything of interest to photograph – these pears were on the reduced section…as a Yorkshireman I felt honor bound to buy them πŸ˜‰ Damn tasty too!

Tuesday’s are always tricky for the daily photograph, especially at this time of year, get up in the dark, drive to work in Β the driving rain, try to pop out at lunchtime, but its chucking it down, drive home in the dark and then go to camera club in the evening…where, of course, you rarely take your camera πŸ˜‰

On my way home I had the idea of taking another (more) minimalist shot of a polo. So, popped into Tesco’s on the way home from camera club and, once I had found them, bought some Polos….broke out the macro lens when I got home and voila as I never say πŸ˜‰

The Bishops Stortford Camera Club visited the American Cemetery just outside Cambridge as part of their photowalk around Cambridge (more of that to follow over at Flitch Photography).

This was quite a place to visit – very moving – and a real reminder that wars kill people.

Fight war, not wars!

Oops. somewhere along the line I missed posting week 28’s photo…not sure how that happened!

So, the Bishops Stortford Camera Club had an opportunity to get to the top of the spire of St Michael’s Church in Bishops Stortford. Getting up there meant a long spiral stone staircasr to the bell ringing area followed by two sets of ordinary ladders which got you up to the bells themselves…I looked at the next, very long, open ladder that led to a narrow beam that had to be crossed to get out of the spire…and came down…there was no way my vertigo was allowing me up any further.

I retraced my steps, shaking, just in time to see the cupboard containing the churches clock workings being opened up and caught this shot – its a miracle it’s sharp I was shaking so much!


136/366 The Ghostly Tree Hugger

This shot is straight out of camera except for a modest crop.

The Bishops Stortford Camera Club Summer Programme recommenced earlier today with a light painting task in Hatfield Forest. Organised by Brian Johnson we all had a great time learning all sorts of techniques for light painting subjects in the dark. Brian’s mate Steve was a great model and appears in the below picture:

The Ghostly Tree Hugger


122/366 Zoom Zoom

Camera Club (official) finished last week so the Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club (Summer Programme) commenced tonight. Despite the earlier appalling weather (I sailed back from work rather than drove) we gathered on a bridge over the M11 in Essex to shoot some light trails. It was great fun with loads of camera talk, a fair amount of photography and then, most importantly, a warm up in the local hostelry afterwards.

Zoom Zoom


112/366 Triumph!

It was the Bishops Stortford Camera Club Dinner and Awards night tonight and I came away with a trophy, 4 certificates of merit and 3 highly commended’s

Well chuffed!