Canada Goose

This was one frustrated goose!

A Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) flying low over Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow this evening


138/366 Everyone Out

There’s been an explosion of new life around Doctors Pond. We have a Moorhen with chicks, a Mallard with ducklings and Cananda Geese with their goslings.

Everyone Out


134/366 Goslings

I spent the day at the Gatwick Aviation Museum and got loads of great pictures of post WWII planes, including shots of the inside of a Shackleton bomber, however, today’s picture comes from first thing this morning when I popped out to Doctors Pond and saw these goslings. Mum and Dad made it very clear if I was getting a little too close for comfort!

By the way – you’ll be able to see the Gatwick Aviation Museum shots on Flitch Photography over the next few days.

Goslings at Doctors Pond