We both work from home (lucky us) and all was well this afternoon until all the power went out. It’s always somewhat relieving to discover that it’s the whole town that is without power…but annoying when all the shops, including the Post Office, have had to close becasue noting works.

Still, I cracked the whip and ensured workhouse rules applied for Debbie as she ploughed on with making her purses that are on their way for people’s stocking fillersĀ at Christmas – if you are interested in picking one up – you’d better be quick and visit her Etsy shop at The Crimson Rabbit.

Why? I have no idea!

It would be quite useful though – during a power cut you could cook your egg while you light your room…I could be onto something here!


038/366 Not…Fork Handles…Three Candles

A bit of an experiment today…this is an HDR macro and it’s kind of worked, in that it has given me the effect in the centre flame I was looking for. This is, though, why I have done this 366 project – to force me to try different things.

Not Fork Handles - 3 candles