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I was chatting with a friend at our camera club this evening. He is also doing a 365 this year and he was telling me about how he had taken loads of pictures but just didn’t like what he got. This happens to me all the time…and of course, I got home after camera club and hit the exact same problem.

I had a great idea for this picture…but couldn’t get it to work no matter what, but as I explained to my friend, the very fact that you have got the camera out and tried means you have succeeded…you won’t produce an award winner every day (week/month or year in my case 😉 ), but that is unrealistic. The aim of these 365 projects (for me at least) is to keep me photographing…if I stop, then I barely get the camera out, and that’s a bad thing!

So – you may (or may not based on this first effort!) see this car and its green Porsche friend in upcoming shots…fingers crossed!

More murkyness this morning – this composition jumped out at me as I walked past…in a new landscape kind of way…I like it, I hope you do too

Bishops Stortford Camera Club made their way to Epping Forest and a bridge over the M11 that gives a view of the Canary Wharf skyline in London. The cars very kindly lit up the M11 to London sign which definitely worked in my favour.


Where Can I Buy Real Valium Online

I visited (amongst other places) Little Leighs this afternoon and, as I was walking down the lane this chap drove past me.

Buy Diazepam Canada

Everywhere we went today you could see the moon and it reminded me of the B52’s track “There’s a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)”. So much so that I had to listen to it when I arrived home. I had hoped that there’d be some clever way I could tie in the lyrics with this image…there wasn’t 😉

Still, this Morris Minor 1000 we saw near Great Sampford, appears to be looking wistfully to the moon as it waits for the final visit of the AA Relay team.