Another exhausting day over with…just time for a snooze…

Badger really did not want to engage with the photographer today!

Here’s Badger in front of a canvas of Badger I got Debbie for her birthday. He’s delighted to be subjected to more photography…

Whilst the bath makes a great high key background, the cat refused to look at me…which was fairly typical for Elijah

He doesn’t often allow me to take his picture, especially not close up, so I was very honoured that he sat still and let me get in his face!

He’s a very willing model when a fee of 4 x Dreamies are offered for fulfilling modelling duties 😉

Happy New Year to you all!

Elijah has definitely had enough of the Christmas spirit and would like everyone to shut up and leave him alone.

Today’s been the first day for a while that I haven’t had a picture by dinner time. So Badger, ensconced on his new favourite place got the full treatment…sadly the radiator behind him rather spoilt the picture…but we sorted it out eventually.

Having spent much of the week in London I know exactly how our cat Elijah felt on Friday evening…there was not going to be much action…so this mobile shot converted in Topaz Impressions will have to suffice for my photographic endeavours for the day.

It’s almost 2 months and this is the first shot of one of our cats in the 365…which is good. It’s also, I believe, the first time I have converted one of Elijah to black and white…just to see how it looked…and he does have magnificent whiskers!