I popped into Chelmsford this morning and had a look around the Cathedral. It’s a very modern design inside and very pleasant…I tried a few new things whilst there…not sure yet if they worked…time will tell 😉

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Looking from the east end of the Cathedral, effectively at the rear of the altar you can see right down the Cathedral to the West Tower and main entrance. A quite magnificent view, but the word “opulent” sticks in my mind – can that be right?

I visited Peterborough Cathedral the same day as Ely Cathedral and was equally impressed by this building which is massive and super gothic.

Here’s a shot of the North Altar.

I visited a couple of Cathedrals today – Peterborough and Ely. Both are very impressive buildings and are well worth a visit. Ely Cathedral had this very impressive Christmas tree with a nativity in front of it. I think this sums up Christmas quite nicely – don’t you?

Two for the price of one, combining 2 of probably the top 10 most photographed structures in London.

When I got home from London on Sunday I transferred all my images to my computer and discovered I made quite a blunder. I’d shot the whole day in ISO800. What that means is the camera produces a lot more noise (think graininess) on your pictures. Combine that with the fact that I was shooting HDR – combining 5 shots into 1, the noise just built and built. I use a plug-in recommended by pro photographer and all round top guy Trey Ratcliffe (check out his pictures – they are out of this world…) – and it really did the trick. So – if you are looking for some decent noise reduction check out Imagenomic.

Hovering high in the sky is this rather impressive organ which was being tuned to within an inch of its life when this picture was taken – single, high pitched notes blasted at you for long periods of time is probably not the best way to hear the organ!

More from the Cathedral soon

Continuing the short series of Chelmsford Cathedral shots here’s a picture of the Altar and main stained glass window.

I was working in Chelmsford the other week and took the opportunity to pop across to the Cathedral to create some HDR pictures of it.

This was originally a church built arond 800 years ago. It became a Cathdral in 1914 and, as with many Essex churches, has a section dedicated to the USAF forces that were based in Britain during the 2nd World War.