We had to pop into Chelmsford this afternoon so I popped into the Cathedral to grab today’s shot, it was a real grab and run job…but it came out OK…

I popped into Chelmsford this morning and had a look around the Cathedral. It’s a very modern design inside and very pleasant…I tried a few new things whilst there…not sure yet if they worked…time will tell 😉

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352/366 Chris Hillman

This gentleman is our tutor on our City and Guilds Level 2 Photography course in Chelmsford. As you will gather, this evening we have been learning lighting for portraiture photography, with an emphasis on the correct focal length to use. This was shot at 70mm, ideally I should have had my 70-200mm lens with me so I could have gone to somewhere around 100mm. This was processed using Portrait Professional which is an excellent piece of software.

Chris Hillman


268/366 Our Tutor

Today was the start of my City and Guilds Level 2 photography course. Over the next 2 years I’ll be spending most Monday evenings with this gentleman. I don’t think this shot will win any prizes, actually it’s not even vaguely sharp, however, it was the first of what will be many photographs I will no doubt take in this class. Having seen the standard of some of the past students work I’m hopeful that my photography will improve substantially over the next couple of years.



261/366 Admirals Park, Chelmsford

I decided, probably rather rashly, to take a City and Guilds Level 2 Photography course. Today was the induction course which was something of a shambles. I turned up at 7.00 to discover that it didn’t start until 7.30 (I was not alone!) and then only 4 of us turned up…because the other 10 had been told it was being held on Wednesday 😉 We met up with the tutor who seems excellent and found out exactly what was going to be expected of us…the most surprising aspect for me being the fact that it is in fact a 2 year course and not the 1 year course I was expecting 😉

Anyhow, the cock up with the start time meant I had a spare half hour which I spent in Admirals Park, just across the road from the college, where I caught this shot.

Admirals Park, Chelmsford



197/366 The Weir at Great Waltham

We took a long walk around Little Leighs and Great Waltham today and saw this weir on the River Chelmer.

Great Waltham Weir



A nice simple shot for today of some snowdrops taken in Great Waltham

Snowdrops in Great Waltham


Chatham Hall

I visited Little Leighs on Sunday and set off for a short walk while I waited for the sun to set over the lake there. After half an hour I’d gone to far to get back so ploughed on for Chatham Hall…which was a good mile further away than I thought it was. I arrived sometime after sunset. Nevertheless this shot came out quite well.

Chatham Hall near Chelmsford

Hovering high in the sky is this rather impressive organ which was being tuned to within an inch of its life when this picture was taken – single, high pitched notes blasted at you for long periods of time is probably not the best way to hear the organ!

More from the Cathedral soon

Continuing the short series of Chelmsford Cathedral shots here’s a picture of the Altar and main stained glass window.