Christmas Tree


364/366 The Exploding Christmas Tree

One for next years Christmas cards (although it does remind me rather of a Dalek!)…

The Exploding Christmas Tree


359/366 The Snow Globe

This made its debut this time last year as a macro picture, today I have taken a slightly different picture with a lot more of the Christmas tree (and therefore its bokeh) on show…what I did forget was to shake it…so today there is no falling snow in the snow globe.

The Snow Globe


356/366 The Christmas Tree

We’re nearly there and, unusually, our Christmas Tree has already been up for nearly a week. We’re normally a lot later putting it up what with one thing and another. Presents have started to appear under the tree…I still haven’t wrapped any of mine, but I have at least got them all 😉

The Christmas Tree

The Starr Restaurant (where Jamie Oliver apparently once worked) in Great Dunmow always has a fine Christmas Tree outside and this year was no exception.

Hope you all have a great Christmas.

We (well…Debbie) put up the Christmas decorations and tree up today so the house feels nice and festive now. To celebrate I tried my hand at deliberately taking a totally unfocused shot of the tree with the lights on to create this effect. The Christmas lights appear as those disks of light and are called bokeh in photography circles.