Playing with my instant bokeh generator (silver foil and torch – see 141/365v3 for more) I found a champagne cork from New Year’s eve and this turned into a mission to make an image out of a cork and some black velvet I have. One cork became two in photoshop and this image was born…might make quite a nice Christmas/Celebration card…

He’s a very willing model when a fee of 4 x Dreamies are offered for fulfilling modelling duties πŸ˜‰

Happy New Year to you all!

Work is over and Christmas has started in the Seton household…I’ve wrapped up all my presents for the big day and looked at the (few) pictures I have taken for the 365…and they are rubbish…it’s 23.30 and I need to find something to photograph…and I spot this character in a corner of the room…perfect!

It’s not Great is it?

I don’t hold the Town Council wholly responsible for this. They spend a lot of time clearing up after the selfish of Dunmow – just look at that rubbish…including in the Christmas Tree. No doubt this will all be cleared away first thing in the morning by the councils street cleaners.Β Credit where credit’s due – the High Street and Market Square look a lot better.

You do have to wonder about where the Town Square is though…it caused all sorts of uproar when it was originally sited here – outside the public toilets pretty much in a car park with a road running through it!

It’s not Great is it?


Just back from a weekend away so just had to be a quick shot of the Christmas Tree…I may have overdone the sparkle…but it’s Christmas so excess is good, no?

It can’t be far away…we’ve got our Christmas decorations up! This is the earliest we’ve had them up in years…we (when I say we, I do, of course, mean Debbie) normally get them put up about 2 days before…

This was literally the only photograph I took today…no one said they were all going to be winners πŸ˜‰ At least I got a Christmas theme in!

Some fun and games with a Sony Alpha 6000 that I have had in my hands for about 20 minutes. Totally different menu to the NEX7 so took me a while to get it to shoot at something like what I wanted. This is a bit of a test shot(s) that I took and pushed the ISO to 3200 becasue it was handheld…I won’t be doing that again ;-). A bit grainy but looks OK when cropped down from its original 7 shot 16,615 x 4,559 px pano.

My wife put the Christmas decorations up earlier this week, including this Tomte that she made.

Dashing off to Leeds today for our family Christmas get together, before I left the posty arrived with a little early Christmas present for me – a book of all Sleaford Mods lyrics by Jason Williamson. I loved the irony of the fact that stamps of Margaret Thatcher had been used to send the item.

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