Rays of Life

Taken last Saturday on the way up to Bigods Farm looking back towards Little Easton. The sun beams really looked like they were powering up spring and the oil seed rape.

Rays of Life


101/366 Out the landing window – Part 2

So – this is a follow up to a shot I did on Day 41, this is taken out of the same window, but we are now, of course, into Spring. The window is still sealed shut and dirty – so it took ages to photoshop all the muck out ;-). I must get this window opened again! Oh – and by the way – I just had to capture the clouds and distant rain of this shot.

Out the landing window - Part 2

You know we have inadvertently fallen for the charms of the pylon – just check out this previous pylon post and this previous pylon post. Of course, the real subject of the following photographs weren’t the pylons, it was the electrified tree found slap bang in the middle…honest.

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