More egg table top images. When I say more, it is quite sometime since I actually did any images like this, you can see the post by clicking here, that’ll be over 6 years ago!

As previously I did this in response to a challenge/competition. This time it was for a competiton in Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club and the image with the kitchen tile background got 20/20…so it was worthwhile.

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308/366 Burgers Galore – Great Dunmow Bonfire Night

Tonight was the Dunmow Bonfire and Firework display held on the Recreation Ground. It was excellent and there were hundreds of people there…the place was thronged. The Round Table organise this and they were busy marshaling and, more importantly, cooking sausages and burgers, for an enormous line of hungry folk.

Burgers Galore

We’ve been a bit all over the place from the start of this blog – I promise we’ll start being a little more disciplined in the organisation of series of pictures so that you don’t have to leap from page to page to find all the posts from a series. Of course, you could try the categories drop down box – top right of the page, but that’s not a whole lot better organised!  The problem has been that I have an idea or picture for a series, and then another springs up in front of me, and then another…all of a sudden you end up with about 6 series all running together, as we have at the moment!

Anyhow – onwards:

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