Busy day today which fortunately included some product shots for my wife’s company The Crimson Rabbit. This is one of her new cowls she has just added to her store.

That title finds my tongue firmly in my cheek, however, within 30 mins of my wife placing this item with attendant photographs in her Etsy store it was snapped up…if only everything was as simple as that 😉 If you are looking for some handmade knitware or some decorative figures have a look in her Etsy shop here.

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This wasn’t supposed to be today’s picture. I took a number of shots of my wife’s new product…but the pictures have been embargoed because she is doing a special launch of them…and I can’t give the game away! I have taken a similar shot of a cowl earlier this year.

If I’d have known that before I wouldn’t have spent the rest of the day clearing out the loft 😉

It’s been a quiet day on the photography front so it has come down to a battle between one of our cats and a work in progress…so I picked the work in progress if, for no other reason than my wife has had another order for one of these pieces that become a very attractive cowl when finished…she now has a short waiting list!