233/366 Crass Symbol II

This completes my first series of the project…admitedly, a very short series, but a series none the less.

Back on Day 5 of this odyssey I photographed 5 CDs that made up a partial Crass symbol…well, I now have the final piece of the jigsaw (OK, I got it ages ago and have been saving this shot for a night when I didn’t have much time).

Black and white conversion completed in Nik’s Silver Efex Pro.

Crass Symbol II



044/366 Button Badges

Its rainy and miserable outside so I was definitely staying in for today’s photograph, so I had a rummage through my desk draws and found my bag of button badges. I still wear badges, particularly on my Harrington jacket, but I always feeling that I am having a real throw back to my youth – not just because almost all the badges are the same as I used to wear when I was 14. Badges were always a great cheap way of showing allegiance to the groups at the time when I had almost no money, and what little I had went on (7 inch) records and lime green socks!

Shown here are, amongst others, The Stranglers, The Clash, Crass, The Dead Kennedys, Conflict, Alternative, The Chords and The Specials.


As a youth I loved Crass (“loving” Crass is probably an oxymoron), I was banned from bringing their albums into school, filled as they were with extreme political ideals and vitriolic music. I still love them and was delighted when they decided (rather un-Crass like) to reissue all their albums – they all got the remastered treatment, great new sound, fabulous packaging, the full works and I have been re-purchasing them as they came out (This does, of course, mean I now have 3 copies of these – vinyl, original CD and remastered CD). The last album (Ten Notes on a Summers Day) was originally to be released sort of spring time last year…but we still wait and so my Crass symbol remains incomplete.

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