Crimson Rabbit

Busy day today which fortunately included some product shots for my wife’s company The Crimson Rabbit. This is one of her new cowls she has just added to her store.

That title finds my tongue firmly in my cheek, however, within 30 mins of my wife placing this item with attendant photographs in her Etsy store it was snapped up…if only everything was as simple as that 😉 If you are looking for some handmade knitware or some decorative figures have a look in her Etsy shop here.

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I may have mentioned that my wife knits and crochets  all sorts of shawls, hats, cosies and what have you, and I’m the official photographer…if you are interested have a look over at So today was a photo session for that – here’s an example.

Today I have been mainly employed with product photography for my wife.

I love this autumnal bag she has made – the designs on the fabrics are great. I don’t know if this is going into her store or not as this particular bag was made as a commission…if you’re interested though you can find her at the Crimson Rabbit Burrow

Whilst I was busy enjoying myself in Blackpool, Debbie was busy creating more of her Miss Foxes that have been so popular on Etsy.

So I returned home and was immediately put to work photographing them…only one of them would look at the camera 😉

If you are interested her shop can be found here –

More product photography for The Crimson Rabbit – 7 Tilda style dolls all out having tea…or at least they would be if someone would just pour it 😉

If you want to buy one you can do so here – CrimsonRabbitBurrow and if you want to win one keep an eye out on The Crimson Rabbit’s facebook page over the next day or two.

My wife’s been requiring some more product photography again today so Ena came out for some head shots to show off this very vivd pink crochet beret. She’s now got a bit of a waiting list but, if you want to pick up some lovely knit ware, or some Easter Bunnies that have proved very popular visit her Crimson Rabbit shop here.