Despite living close to Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow we very rarely see damselflies in the area…indeed, this is only the second time I have seen one in our garden after 18 years of living here.

Blazing sunshine all day – the damselflies were very busy

I’ve messed about in Photoshop over the years, although my go to application is Lightroom for 90% of the time. I’ve been doing a rather excellent course “Photoshop Artistry – Fine Art Grunge Composition Course!” – not much of a mouthful – that I have both really enjoyed and also found rather inspiring.

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Another glorious day today found us walking around Rowney Wood near Saffron Walden. I deliberately only took my macro lens with me (instead of doing my usual and lugging about 5 lens around…and only using 1 of them!), well, it was a very warm 25°C.

We saw many butterflies, moths, damselflies, dragonflies, hoverflies, along with the usual bird activity. We saw a new dragonfly for us – a broad chaser (both a female and a male) – which we haven’t seen before in these woods. Today’s picture is of the Large Red Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula), which isn’t large at all – along with the main image I’ve included a closer version and a Speckled Wood butterfly (Pararge aegeria) below as well.

Speckled Wood Butterfly - Pararge aegeria

Large Red Damselfly - Pyrrhosoma nymphula-2

We were doing a bit of gardening this morning and I spotted this very small damselfly come into the garden and hang from a small potted plant. I believe it is a female Emerald Damselfly, lestes sponsa, but please don’t hold me to that…I have a very bad reputation for my critter identification. I assume it has come in from Doctors Pond and it’s the first damselfly I have seen this year.

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Today was my wife’s birthday so we have been celebrating this evening – I have taken my daily picture, but it is currently residing on the CF card awaiting processing which I will do tomorrow. So, for this evening here’s a shot I took last summer but didn’t do anything with until Sunday when it caught my eye as a good subject for the old symmetry trick.

This may or may not be a winter damselfly – its colours are right but it could just be an immature damselfly of another variety. It was seen on the River Pant at Little Bardfield.


169/366 Damselfly

I spent a couple of hours in Little Bardfield by the river tracking down bugs…I found loads 😉

This is a damselfly, it looks like a winter damselfly but these are very rare over here so I am assuming it is, in fact, an immature different speicies…you’ll have gathered, I’m no expert.

It’s rare that I will go “Oh wow” when I look through my pictures off the camera – but this one got that reaction – full size and 100% zoom the detail is really impressive.



Before I took up photography I wouldn’t have a clue what the following creature was – indeed – I’d probably have grimaced and wafted it away. Finding these is reasonably easy if you know where to look – photographing them is a little more tricky!

This specimen was taken by a pond in Little Bardfield.