Killed by salt water, this is the second time I have photographed these trees…and the second time that I forgot my tripod when photographing these trees…which was incredibly annoying as there was a good breeze and the clouds were zooming across the sky…next time perhaps.

I was pleased with this infra-red shot though.

The stories say that back in the 1600’s these oak trees, situated behind the old (now disused) church, were used to hang people. They lived until 1953 when the sea broke the seas defenses and flooded the area, killing the trees. They really are a spooky, strange sight with their crooked dead limbs stretching up into the sky. Definitely a place to revisit when the weather is a bit better.

Here’s a black and white and long exposure shot as well:

The Dead Trees of Mundun Essex, Black and White

Spent the afternoon at the Cambridge CC Inter-Club Digital Competition where about 30 clubs battled it out with some quite inspirational pictures…we (Bishops Stortford Camera Club)  didn’t do particularly well, but it’s the taking part that counts! What was kind of weird was one of the images was the same as an image I had taken a year or so ago (it wasn’t an original idea when I took it either 😉 ) – it had done pretty well in our end of season exhibition…good thing we hadn’t put that one forward…it got 17/20 as well – equaling our best score from our 5 images!

So I got home with no picture in the bag at all. I did finally empty out my camera bag of all the leaves we had collected a few weeks ago and thought I’d have a go at a still life. To be honest it was a bit rubbish so I took it into photoshop and bullied the hell out of it to come up with this.


069/366 Failed Orchid

I took some shots of a Moth Orchid we have. I noticed this bud that didn’t look like the other 2 buds coming out of the flower, sure enough, it is a papery husk. Strangely more interesting than the living, healthy buds.

Failed Orchid

…of someone’s dinner – at a guess a fox…who knows, certainly there’s not much left.